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Ultra-light and versatile, the K6ARK Antenna Kit provides the parts for three possible antenna matching unit/balun builds – an End Fed Halfwave (EFHW), End Fed Random Wire (EFRW), or a 1:1 balun.

How will you build your kit?

The End Fed Halfwave is the ultimate portable resonant antenna, but if you’ve got a QRP rig with a tuner (KX2, KX3, or X5105) the End Fed Random Wire with 9:1 unun gives you all the bands at the push of a button. Or, if you’re a dipole fan and want to eek out every fractional dB of efficiency, maybe you want that 1:1 unun for the dipole.

“If your kit is missing a part, or if you damage a component or lose a piece, contact me. ”

Adam | K6ARK