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Mini Mic Build Instructions

1.) Cut wire and solder mic and switch to jack.

Cut four pieces of wire to 1.25 in / 30 mm in length and strip 1/8 in / 3 mm of insulation from each end.  Solder wires as shown in images below.

Look closely to find the “ground” traces on mic element that connect the ground pad to the microphone element case.  Be sure to connect the ground pad to the ground lug (the long one) on the 3.5mm jack.

ATTENTION: Use the images below to identify proper wiring for the KX2/KX3 vs. the (tr)uSDX.

Wiring Instructions
3.) Test he microphone.

Plug the mic into your rig and test.  Check Elecraft manual for proper settings.  You may need to change menu items for PTT bias to get the mic with a 3-conductor cable to work properly. 

If mic does not work, try swapping the wires connected to the outer lugs of the jack and test again. 

4.) Install jack, switch, and mic into “Bottom” half of case. 

Carefully press jack into place.  Note ground lug position, centered in printed slot on base. 

Press switch into place, taking care not to damage lugs.  

Press mic element into place, taking care not to damage wind screen on front (not critical).  

Tuck wires into center channel of bottom case ensuring wires will not be pinched in top cover.

5.) Snap on top cover. 

Ensure the wires are tucked in and will not be pinched, and snap on the top cover.  Tighten the nut on the jack to finish the build.